Authentic local cuisine of Mumbai, India

Mumbai is a diverse city full of energy, vibrancy and life. The pulse of the city is found in its food : bright colors, fragrant spices and diverse flavors. Being the most cosmopolitan city in India, Mumbai brings together tastes from around the country, and often adapts to make the food uniquely local. Mumbai Local's mission is to bring this authentic taste to Vancouver and present its own creations to food lovers in Vancouver.


Savoury bite sized snacks. Originated from stalls and food carts.

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Local Eats

Wide selection of the most popular local eats of Mumbai such as Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Frankies, Sizzlers....

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Traditional main course dishes from Mumbai and neighbouring areas. New creations from our talented Chefs.

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Homestyle meals comprising of a main dish, daal, chapati, rice & condiments.

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